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4 Potential Dangers of Overgrown Brush on Your Commercial Property

Commercial properties often require a lot of maintenance. This includes maintaining driveways and parking lots, building upkeep, as well as signage and business lighting. But, what’s often overlooked is landscape maintenance and vegetation management around the exterior area. When commercial properties have large areas of overgrown brush and other parts that are left unkempt, it can be a danger to commercial property owners, their tenants, and even customers.

Overgrown Brush & Trash

Here are some of the potential dangers of allowing overgrown brush and grass to stay on commercial sites.

#1: Less Property Safety and Access

Commercial lots with areas full of tall, overgrown grass and brush are much less secure than ones with landscapes that are regularly mowed and maintained. Tall grass and invasive weeds that are allowed to grow around a commercial property can give thieves, vandals, and other criminals plenty of places to hide. Overgrown grass and weeds can also make it harder for business owners and utility companies to access certain areas (such as pipelines, HVAC equipment, and other important parts of a commercial building).

#2: An Increase in Rodent Activity

One of the most unsightly parts of commercial properties with tall grass and overgrown brush is they have more rodent and insect activity. They can thrive in these areas and can quickly overrun a commercial property. This can cause an infestation that can negatively impact any of the following:

  • Commercial lots.
  • Buildings.
  • Utility areas.
  • HVAC equipment.
  • Parking areas.
  • Landscape gardens.

When commercial properties are regularly maintained with brush removal, vegetation management, and weed control services, the chance of a rodent or insect infestation decreases significantly.

#3: A Decrease in Property and Community Value

Commercial properties can benefit from regular brush removal and vegetation management. When the surrounding landscape is more presentable, it can be a nice addition to the surrounding community. But, if they allow tall weeds and overgrown brush to stay on their site (especially if it’s in plain view), it can become a proverbial blemish on the community and can lower the value of the property. Commercial property owners should always try to keep their landscape manicured and well-kept by mowing lawns, cleaning landscape gardens, and keeping trees healthy because it can increase the value of the property and community. This kind of proactive approach to landscape maintenance can foster more goodwill within the community and can even positively affect their revenue.

#4: An Increased Risk of Property Damage

Allowing trees to become overgrown will increase your risk for property damage. Unpruned trees can become a major threat during a storm. Strong winds can damage everything from a roof to a car, and it doesn’t have to be a stormy day for an overgrown tree to fall. Dead or broken branches and limbs are already weak and can fall even when the sun is shining.

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