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What are the Benefits of Wood Recycling?

Everything from metal and paper to wood and glass can be recycled, which is important for a number of reasons. But, it doesn’t make sense to waste materials if they can be used again. A number of common materials can be recycled, and wood is no exception. Waste wood can be stored in a skip, which can then be collected by a waste disposal company. It will then be taken to a materials recovery facility, which is where the waste wood is graded and stored for recycling or recovery. Wood that can’t be recycled will most likely go to a landfill, where it will have no benefit.

The construction and demolition sectors are the largest producers of waste wood. It can also be created by people who work in a variety of industrial, commercial, and household sectors. Over 16 million tons of waste wood is created around the world every single year, but only 15% of it gets recycled. Despite this statistic, it’s important for people across these industries to understand the importance of wood recycling.

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Main Advantages to Wood Recycling

Here are some of the main advantages of recycling wood:

  • Prevents Landfill Waste — If waste wood ends up in landfills, it will serve no practical purpose and will contribute to the many adverse effects that these sites have to the environment. That’s why businesses and individuals need to divert as much waste as they can away from landfills (including wood).
  • Creation of New Materials — Waste wood can be used to make a number of useful products and materials. In fact, reusing planks of wood to make furniture or garden accessories is a popular method of wood recycling.
  • Preservation of Natural Resources — Trees play an important role in sustaining ecosystems by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. While they can be regrown after they’re chopped down, it can take many years to replant and replenish woodlands enough to meet that level of demand. But, if more wood is recycled, the less tress will need to get chopped down.
  • Prevention of Fire Hazards — Any waste wood that’s just lying around is considered a fire hazard. But, if it’s properly managed and recycled by experts through the use of proper equipment, the fire risk can be reduced.
  • Holistic Approach to Waste Management — Businesses that produce any kind of waste have a legal obligation to manage it in a way that’s friendly to the environment. By implementing proper wood recycling procedures, they will be better able to manage other waste management streams (all while making their business more eco-friendly).

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