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Which Types of Metal Can You Recycle to Make Some Extra Cash?

Most people know the value of reusing certain items, but you may not be aware of scrap metal recycling. It’s not the most popular sector of the industry, but it’s just as important. Scrap metal is one of the largest exports in the U.S. By saving metal for recycling, you can reduce the need for ore mining around the world. Many of these metals end up in the garbage because most people aren’t aware of certain resources that allow them to reuse and recycle scrap metal, and they can even earn money.

metal recycling for cash

Many types of scrap metal can be recycled for cash at scrap yards, which can keep these useful materials from ending up in landfills. Scrap metal yards deal with people who work in industries that work with these substances on a daily basis. A construction company may need steel beams to build a specific structure, electricians may need to replace old wires, or plumbers may need to replace old or broken pipes and fixtures. By bringing in metal for recycling, you can not only address this need but can also earn some extra money (which is a situation where both sides can win). Copper, steel, and aluminum are just a few of the materials that you can recycle for money. Be sure to look for a scrap yard that’s located in your area.

Other Items That Can Be Recycled for Cash

There are several items that can be recycled for some extra cash. Some of them include but may not be limited to:

  • Bottles and Cans — You can save glass or plastic bottles as well as aluminum cans for recycling, which can not only help the environment but can also save some extra cash.
  • Car Batteries — Many automotive stores will give you a store credit for recycling your old car battery, and they may even take light-duty truck batteries as well.
  • Ink Cartridges — Many office supply stores will take used ink cartridges that they can bring in for recycling, and they will give you money for each one up to a certain limit.
  • Electronics — Many companies will take old cell phones and electronics that they can bring in for recycling, even if they’re broken or have been submerged in water.
  • Junk Cars — There are many companies that will pay you cash for old and broken-down cars, and you can even do it online. You will, however, have to provide proof of ownership and a few other details before you can get paid.

These are some of the items that you can recycle for money, but there are many other items that you can bring in for some extra cash. You might even be able to sell old clothing and items you that no longer use as a way to make a little money. And if you’re looking for a place to do metal recycling in Corpus Christi, feel free to visit Dawson Recycling and Disposals. We would be happy to help you with all your recycling needs!