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What You Can’t Put in a Roll-Off Dumpster

If you’re getting rid of ordinary waste, there’s a good chance it can go in a roll-off dumpster. But, if you want to avoid any extra charges, you need to know what you can’t throw in there. The kind of prohibited items will depend on the type of container you’re using and where it’s being used. There are also different restrictions for a roll-off dumpster rental that’s being used for a one-time project (such as a remodel) than for commercial dumpsters (which are meant for regular trash collection at a place of business).

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What is Often Not Allowed in a Roll-Off Dumpster

Here is a list of some items that are usually not allowed in a roll-off dumpster for rent:

  • Adhesives — Like glue or epoxy, adhesives should be thrown away with your regular household trash instead of in a roll-off dumpster. Loose adhesives can damage the container. They can also cause debris to stick together or to the container walls, which can make them more difficult to remove.
  • Car Batteries — These items can’t go in a dumpster because they can leak out hazardous chemicals. Take old car batteries to a local recycler or auto show, and lithium batteries (such as the ones used in laptops) can be recycled at most electronics stores.
  • Fluorescent Lightbulbs — Because they have small amounts of mercury, these items can’t go in a roll-off dumpster. Many areas prohibit the disposal of these items, while others require them to be properly recycled.
  • Food Waste — Because it can attract rodents or make a mess inside the container, these items are often prohibited. If you need to get rid of large amounts of food waste, think about using municipal trash services or sending it to a local composting center.
  • Freon — Refrigerators, freezers, and AC units can’t be thrown away in a roll-off dumpster unless the Freon has been removed by a professional. Appliances of this nature can usually be picked up by local sanitation departments as part of their bulk debris pickup schedule. Some retailers will also take your old appliances once you buy a replacement.
  • Hot Water Tanks — Because they can contain harmful gases that have a high risk of exploding, these items aren’t allowed in dumpsters. If you need to get rid of a hot water tank, you have the options of selling, scrapping, or donating it.
  • Household Cleaners — Chemical cleaners or solvents should never be thrown away in a roll-off dumpster rental, but you can use it to throw away empty containers as long as they’re rinsed out and don’t have any residual chemicals.
  • Inks and Resins — These items (including the ones used in pens and printers) can damage equipment and stain the interior of a roll-off dumpster rental. It’s better to take them to a recycling center or retailer with a drop-off service.
  • Oils, Fuels, and Propane Tanks — Because they’re highly flammable materials, these items are serious safety hazards. So, they’re not allowed to go into a roll-off dumpster. In fact, it’s considered illegal to dispose of them improperly in most areas.
  • Paints and Lacquers — These items won’t usually be allowed in a roll-off dumpster. But, in most areas, you can get rid of dry latex paint if you wrap the sealed can in a plastic bag. You might also want to consider taking these items to a local paint recycling program.
  • Railroad Ties and Telephone Poles — These items are treated with harmful wood preservatives, so they’re not allowed to go in a roll-off dumpster. But, some landfills will accept railroad ties that are still intact.

These are some of the things you can’t throw into a roll-off dumpster, but there may other prohibited items. If you want more information about getting a roll-off dumpster rental in Corpus Christi, be sure to get in touch with Dawson’s Recycling and Disposal.