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Why Recycling is Important for Your Business

If you’re business isn’t recycling, you could be missing out on a lot of benefits. Not only will commercial recycling help the environment, but it will also help your bottom line. There are many reasons why having a recycling system can benefit your business, but it has become more than just a philosophy. It has become necessary for any company that wants to survive (and even thrive) in today’s global market. As more consumers look at the “green factor” when they choose which brands to buy from, companies are under a lot more pressure to find more efficient ways to reduce their footprint. The benefits of commercial recycling are more far-reaching than they have ever been before, and more companies are discovering that being more environmentally friendly can be better for their business.

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The Environmental Benefits of Commercial Recycling

When companies choose to recycle (or even use more recycled materials), the environmental benefits are the first that come to mind. Construction companies that use less “virgin materials” can significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Using new materials requires extraction, which consumes energy and depletes our natural resources. As unsustainable extraction processes are performed, the environment will become less safe for habitation over time. And the lack of commercial recycling will make unwanted waste a more pressing concern. Materials that aren’t being reused are often sent to landfills, where they can create more serious problems. As this pattern repeats itself, the environmental impact will continue to grow.

The Economic Benefits of Commercial Recycling

While the environmental benefits of recycling are obvious, many companies may not know about its economic benefits. Some of them can include:

  • Lower Costs — Recycling is a simple way to save money, which can improve your bottom line. It can give you more cost avoidance opportunities, which can free up funding for other initiatives.
  • More Revenue — If companies choose to implement recycling programs, they have the opportunity to see their recyclable waste being used in alternative ways. This extra revenue can help to finance a commercial recycling program. And in most cases, they can make even more.
  • Improves Employee Retention — People like to work for a company that recycles. An unpublished study performed by Lightspeed (which was commissioned by Rubbermaid Products) found that workplace sustainability and recycling is more important to millennials than in previous generations. Almost 1 in 10 millennials would be willing to quit a job if their employer wasn’t recycling.
  • Helps to Build a Community — Recycling encourages people to come together in a way that will make each other accountable. Employees like to work for a company that they believe is doing the right thing. If you tell them about your recycling program and share your diversion results, it can motivate them to sort their waste more effectively.
  • Lowers Production Costs — Commercial recycling isn’t just about how you get rid of your waste. It can also be about where you get your materials from. Many products and materials can be made more cheaply if they use recycled materials. Paper and aluminum are both easier and cheaper when they’re recycled and reused than if they were produced from raw materials.

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